Environmental enforcement actions are in public interest – LASG

Environmental enforcement actions are in public interest – LASG

The Lagos State Government has reiterated that all its enforcement actions regarding the sanctity of state environmental laws were informed by the interest of the greater majority of residents.

The commissioner for the environment and water resources, Tokunbo Wahab, said this in a statement on Sunday in Lagos.

Mr Wahab said that most of the enforcement actions were pre-emptive and accounted for the almost zero fatalities that would have been experienced around the state with the magnitude of rainfall it experienced.

He said if the ministry had not taken some hard decisions of removing some structures at Mende Villa Estate, several areas would have experienced unprecedented flooding during the latest rainfalls.

He added that the safe pre-emptive measures saved the souls of several residents of Oke Afa/Bucknor, who have suffered for several years because a few residents for selfish reasons chose to construct in the middle of the channel.

He reminded all those who take delight in criticising all actions of the government on the state of the environment for criticism’s sake without proffering alternatives that the time for politics is gone and it is now time for governance.

Mr Wahab also charged the estate surveyors to always engage in due diligence for all construction they want to embark upon or supervise by ensuring that drainage clearance permit is obtained for all structures located near drainages.

“The state government is investing in resilient infrastructure that ensures that the state has the capacity to contain run-off of heavy rainfalls, which ensures that a few hours after the rainfall, the water subsides,” he said.