Education and its vain glory

Education and its vain glory

(Think of an idea and take a real step. Forget about trial and error way).

Education they say is the master key. Undoubtedly the education they meant is definitely not the Nigeria-like Education. else, there's little understanding of what  education is.

The recent history and happenings around us has informed us that Nigeria-kind of education will only fetch you certificate and unknowing for us that the world has grown from certificates to SABIFICATE.

Formal education that will be called a master key to greatness and every other goodness, it curriculum must be designed to help solve the problem of finding what our talents are rather than to strip us naked and exposes us to lots of unnecessary hardship in the long run. Permit me to shock you that first class graduates are now personal assistant, drivers and clerk to uneducated business moguls. Oh! you are not even aware we now have educated illiterates.

It is not catastrophe to posit that we now go to school for the paper. After getting the paper, there is nothing to do with them eventually. It used to be "go to school, study hard, get a good grade and the good grade will get you good job" how realistic is this today when those who merit the job does not have the needed connection. We need not to waste time again debating on the ineptitude of our government on job creation. It should not shock you if i tell you we have millions of graduates waiting and looking unto God for government work that will never be available/sufficient unless we have a new Nigeria. There are many brilliants minds and brains that are wasting away because the only thing the school has been able to give them is paper qualification. Whereas, life does not recognize just papers any longer. It may interest you to read the three major domains needed to become successful and fulfilled in an article I published last year titled "First class as top class, are excellent results everything?

In the real sense of it, what schools should do is to discover, polish, enhance and validate the inherent talents already bestowed on us but unfortunately it's absolutely the other way round today. It appears going to school now compound our problems than we could imagine. Most people become more confused after their degree or national diploma programme. That's how some folks had plan to become a medical doctor but now, they're in another unplanned field that life has brought to their way. You remember how you built your career in secondary school hoping to study Law, Accounting, Economics in university? Are you now doing fine studying your aged hope? Let's keep this for other time...

For emphasis, Please note that I’m not against academic education and it remains a pathway to zenith. They are essential and very helpful, we sincerely need them. They will do us well when we have done our own bit of discovering various talents.

Having done comprehensive research, Small businesses are critical to the health of  Nigeria economy as they count for approximately 75% of all the employment created in the country. About 70 percent of Nigerians finds the first jobs in small business. We have come to a stage where the real master key is business. The only way to address the challenge of job security is to open up more jobs for the people on this part of the continent. The fact is that there is little or nothing the government will do to address this issue. Individual must start new businesses and grow the economy of our nation. The law of multiplier effect must come to play. My advocacy is that we need to start a smart businesses which will surely grow to a conglomerates if the under listed golden rules are strictly adhere to.


"To succeed in business, you must build a brand or never destroy it. One competitive advantage I had when I ventured into manufacturing was my brand 'Dangote', which I diligently built in the course of my trading commodities. - Aliko Dangote

1) You don't need all the money in the world to start your choice of business, start where you are with what you have.

2) Love your business if you will derive benefit from it.

3) Focus. Follow the idea until it become successful.

4) You will only be passionate about what you love. Do only what you love not what you see other do.

5) Build value first and not money.

6) You don't need to know everything about the idea you have. It gets better and clearer as you pursue it by days. The most important thing is to pursue your God-given idea and start now.

7) Do not beer too many loads than you can beer. Cut down on 'all' your expenses as much as you can. Don't buy car(s) you don't need.

8) Learn from people who have experience in the business to avert your own possible mistakes that can deter your growth.

-It is not enough to have an idea, it is much more important to do something with your idea.

 - Our schools should not only be for papers but much more for talent discovery and destiny.

Have you asked yourself why taxis are facing out of transportation business? And why that Baba that has been shuttling Lagos to Ibadan for over 10 years is yet to harness #1m. Oh! You need to fix a date with CEO of UBER, BOLT and GIG company to inquire how they combined education and technology to make their smart business (services) the choice of the masses. If they won't sue us for libel and slander (ask your lawyers) we can compare the worth of business mogul and some educationists.