Students politics: New hope for Nigerians

Students politics: New hope for Nigerians

Students' politics is one of the essential tools that can be used to develop the government of our dear country. Students should be given opportunity to unveil their political knowledge and philosophy in a pragmatic way in order to be sure of the new nomenclature that would be accorded to Nigerian government in years to come.

Factually, I have observed that in Nigeria of today, schools do not support politics among students, that which allow for intellectual competitions that can ameliorate the government of our country.

Students should be granted the opportunity for participation in school politics. 

"Experience is what you fetch when you don't acquire what you want" - Mr Babs (2019)

Our youth today are the leaders of tomorrow but how can this see the light of the day? How can this come true when the political consciousness in our youth is waning?

Two-third of Nigerian Youths have been bamboozled with various negative aspects of politics not considering the stour numbers of positive effect it brings to the nation. This is just a catalyst of discouragement and it tends to sabotage their interest in politics. This have been affecting us politically as it is decreasing the political consciousness in the youth.

Some schools have placed restrictions on political activities within their environment. This should be attend to as the school is one of the institutions that help in building leaders of tomorrow but how can we have leaders that are not politically active.

Lastly, there are many youth that are into politics today with different motive. Majority of them are into it just for their self interest. This should not be. Let's be patriotic!

It is injudicious to ban politics among students as it embrace political apathy.

An engineer, even doctors can also be a politician with no negative effect to his/her profession. 

Let's take our responsibility in making our country a better one not only academically but also in the political aspect. Nigeria can walk again if we all wake to see the reality. Massive and active participation in politics can help evacuate the corruptful politicians from the political corridor.

 Tijani Ridwan 

Institute of Education

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife,