Citizens’ determination, truth ‘ll fix Nigeria - SDP presidential candidate

Citizens’ determination, truth ‘ll fix Nigeria - SDP presidential candidate

The Presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Prince Adewole Adebayo, says truth and determination by Nigerians are solutions to Nigeria’s problems.

Adebayo, who stated this at an event organised by the Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA), stressed the need to urgently fix the nation and avoid damaging it further.

According to him, the citizens must understand what went wrong and be ready to fix it.

“Our country is not a difficult country to live in.

What the country has gone through is deliberate sabotage by some people.

“Only Nigerians can fix Nigeria and they are the same people that damage it.

“The first thing we must do is to fix ourselves.

We are going into the election not because we have learned lessons but because time has come,” Adebayo said.

The SDP presidential candidate said some people wanted to fix the country but avoided certain things to be fixed.

“Every youth in Nigeria seems to be angry with Nigeria.

Youths seem to be innocent.

But whether we like it or not, everyone is guilty.

“For me, I want to fix the country.

My spanner is the truth.

I don’t stick to things that favour me.

We have insecurity.

The government of the day can fix it if it stops the business in it,” he said.

Adebayo said that Nigerians could fix the country’s problem today if they want wanted to fix it.

“We are not attracting talent in government.

People are in government because of money.

Nigeria doesn’t need more than seven ideas to work.

“The young people have no excuse anymore because the political space is now open, unlike when we were being beaten by the military,” Adebayo added.