No misgiving among PDP National Working Committee members – Ologunagba

No misgiving among PDP National Working Committee members – Ologunagba

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Working Committee (NWC) says it is solidly behind the leadership of the National Chairman, Sen. Iyorcha Ayu.

The Party National Publicity Secretary, Mr Debo Ologunagba, reacting to questions from journalists on Thursday in Abuja said there was no any misgiving among the party NWC.

“For the emphasis, I need to make this very clear that the NWC, led by Ayu is united, no misgiving, we are solidly behind him and his leadership.

“We believe in his leadership and every organ of the party is associated.

We have a relationship within the NWC that is based purely on the interest of the party
“So we are fine and Ayu is leading us well and I am sure that the party is satisfy with him,” he said.

On what the party was doing to reconcile the party Presidential Candidate, Atiku Abubakar and Gov. Nyesom Wike, the party image maker said that efforts were ongoing.

Ologunagba said that in a family there was a tendency to be misunderstanding but the capacity to handle it well would always make the difference.

“In PDP we believe that people should speak.

We don’t give instructions.

We allow issues to be discussed openly and that’s what we’re doing.

The processes of the party is working well.

“We are competent in our processes.

It might be slow, by the expectations of other people but within our democratic process it is ongoing.

“It is a work in progress.

We are making progress.

We are very certain we will do well.

Not just for the party but for the interest of Nigeria,” he said.

On the appointment of Sen. Dino Malaye and Daniel Bwala by Abubakar as his spokespersons for 2023 electioneering campaign, Ologunagba said that Abubakar has the right to make appointment, as he also did last week.

He, however, said that the party and Abubakar were working in synergy to achieve victory in 2023 presidential election.

“We are moving steadily, surely and consistent with our policy of mass and extensive consultation in composition to do things orderly.

“Whatever action is taking by any part of the party, whether by the candidate or the party is all in sync with each other and there is no concern about it.

“We are not acting piece meal.

We are acting together, moving in the same direction, working toward 2023 and surely we will have victory,” the national publicity secretary said.

Ologunagba reading the communiqué of the Interactive meeting of the NWC with former national publicity secretaries, states publicity secretaries and other stakeholders said that the meeting restated confidence in Ayu and the NWC in running the affairs of the party.

“The meeting restates confidence in the capacity, experience and competence of Abubakar to rescue, redirect and rebuild this country to earn the respect of the International Community.

“We believe that only the PDP under the leadership of Abubakar has the capacity to protect and secure the lives and properties of Nigerians as well as rebuild the economy of the nation in such a manner as to put food on the table.

“We commit to remain loyal and integral in the mission of the PDP to make all sacrifices necessary to achieve success in rescuing, redirecting and rebuilding our nation,” Ologunagba said.